Monday, July 26, 2010

Caroline's Numerous Flip-Flop's Explained

I think I put two and two together here.

Remember when Caroline Zhang left Li Mingzhu to train with Charlene Wong, only in September to about-face and reverse course back to Li Mingzhu? It all makes sense now.

When Caroline made the initial switch to Wong she said she "needed a change" to improve her skating. But I believe it had more to do with Li Mingzhu being in talks to coach China's Women's Skating Team.

News broke yesterday that Li Mingzhu has inked a four year deal to coach the Chinese Women's Team. Zhao Yinggang, director of China's Winter Sports Administrative Center, said "negotiations have been going on since last year." Just about the time Zhang thought she would be out of a coach. Deal didn't go through for that season and Zhang gets to keep her coach. Deal goes through and Zhang now again is out a coach. Thus, last week's announcement that Caroline is switching coaches to Tammy Gambill.

"I am grateful for my time with Coach Li," Zhang said in a US Figure Skating Press Release. "She has not only been a great coach for the past five years, but also a good friend to me and my family."

I get the feeling Zhang would have stuck it out with Li had the deal from China not come.

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CinquecentoTrojan said...

Never have I been more thankful for the Chinese skating program. Nice Insight!