Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pic of the Week

I originally had intended on making Fumie Suguri this week's Pic of the Week given her solid performance at last week's Japanese Nationals and the fact that today is her birthday. But then I thought, this is the last one for 2008, why not Pic of the Year?

I mulled over who I thought deserved this honor and there are a great number of potential possibilities. I was overwhelmed with the choice and, so, decided to instead take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of my favorites over the past year. Next week I'll begin my countdown to Cleveland series.

Hope your 2009 is all you wish it to be and more.

Tomas Verner Turning Heads! the time he seemed unstopable.
Unexpected Win.
American Legends.
Moving on.
"She's so hot!" I miss Arrturi.
Coaches deserve some credit too!
Jim McKay...never forgotten.
Happiest moment in Figure Skating...ever?
Stud in India
Band Together!
Who's in Beijing?
Do you see who I see?
Canadian Stud!
The Controversial "Bad Boy" Pic
Definitely Maybe.

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